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Curriculum Values


An environment is created where students and staff feel comfortable to express feelings and frequently do so, with support from staff and the rest of the group. Learners are consistently encouraged to respect and support each other in all aspects of their study with constant support from staff. Embedded in the curriculum is an awareness of personal safety and the importance of appropriate behaviours. Health and Safety in the class, college and the workplace, or home, are stressed throughout the course of study. All necessary measures are taken so that the physical environment is safe for learners.

Equality and Diversity

An environment is created that is free from discrimination and prejudice and provides equality of opportunity for all concerned that will help shape the development of inclusive, lifelong learning. We have a commitment to work actively towards eliminating discrimination to ensure to the best of our ability that college staff, students and clients are not discriminated against directly or indirectly because of their gender, race, disability, sexuality, nationality, religious beliefs, political inclinations, employment status, social class, caste, age, size, HIV status, marital status or individual learning needs.


Differentiation is considered at all stages of planning and work with learners. Activities are planned and facilitated so that learners of all ability levels can participate and achieve. Additional resources and prompts may be available such as in class support, peer support, pictorial prompts etc. Learners are encouraged to be independent in their work as much as possible, to develop problem solving skills, utilise peer support and to seek the support of staff as and when needed.

Personal Skills

In each session, learners will be working towards improving personal and employability skills and will demonstrate their ability to:

  • Work in pairs/groups
  • Identify and follow Health & Safety rules
  • Use initiative
  • Listen to and follow instructions
  • Make Presentations
  • Develop their speaking and listening skills
  • Take turns
  • Improve Reading/Writing skills
  • Be punctual
  • Follow basic personal hygiene guidelines
  • Show respect to everyone/the buildings/equipment
  • Respect ground rules
  • Regulate their behaviour


Please click below to view/download our Governance Plan:

Governance Plan

The Future Finders Employability College is part of the New Bridge Group. Please click here to find out more about our organisation and our robust system of accountability.