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End of Term Blog

As we now reach the end of another academic year, the students and staff of Future Finders Employability College began their Summer break. We can now take this opportunity to look forward to what the Summer may bring. Over the next few weeks, I really do hope that you find some time for yourself, lighten your loads, have an important rest and simply just enjoy; your break is very well deserved and undoubtably earned.

The end of the academic year can push us into flashes of reflection. For some of you, this may well bring to mind some of the trials and difficulties you have faced and overcome. From time to time, nothing spoken will change our recent history. However, I do feel that it is vital that we do not lose what we have learned during these times, about ourselves, our College and the people around us. For some of you, those reflections include achievements, smiles and happy memories. From my eyes, your compassion, generosity of spirit, strong work ethos and culture of success are strong factors behind these.

I really do hope you all have a very wonderful, enjoyable and safe Summer break.

A Night to Remember

The evening of Friday 14th July saw students and their families and staff from New Bridge College, New Bridge Learning Centre and Future Finders Employability College celebrate at New Bridge Post-16’s ‘Strictly Ball’ end of year prom at Oldham Athletic’s football stadium.

This wonderful event was a proud time of celebration, not only for what our students have achieved but to bookmark the end of one era and the start of another.

Leavers 2023

We would like to wish all of our Future Finders students a ‘Happy Farewell’. We want to thank you for being amazing students. The commitment you have showed throughout your time with us has been incredible.

Thank you for all of the wonderful moments that you have blessed us with.

Lewis Heywood

At the start of the year I was very busy being on placement. My placement was at TXL, a warehouse where they deal with fire extinguishers. TXL service old and new fire extinguishers, scraping off old labels and checking the pressure to make sure they are safe to use again. My best memory has to be gaining a paid job. I am extremely proud of my job. I have worked hard to get to where I am today; if it wasn’t for those who have pushed me to do my absolute best and supported me when I’ve needed it I wouldn’t have got the job I have landed! What’s next for me is becoming a activity worker which I am very proud of. I want to say a massive thanks to those who have helped me through my New Bridge journey; it’s been a rollercoaster but it’s been one that will remain in my heart forever. Listen to all the teachers that are helping you because they want the best for you and want you to succeed. I am proud of my class mates and the teachers that have been there for me. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible. It’s an emotional time for me to leave as I have been at New Bridge for a very long time. I didn’t want to leave but it’s time for a new challenge.”

Kai Lister

“Hello, my name is Kai and I’m on the Future Finders Pathway. I cannot believe after 8 long years I will finally be leaving New Bridge Group for good. I have got no plans other than to work hard at Tameside Hospital where I managed to get a job thanks to the help of Colin and Hayley. I’ve met many brilliant, fantastic and memorable staff throughout my journey who have helped me become the person I am. I wish the best to all my fellow classmates on their journey of life.”

Peter Machin

“My name is Peter Machin, and I am on the Future Finders pathway. I started at New Bridge College in 2019 and I have been part of the New Bridge Group ever since then. I am now 20 years old and in my last year of College. This year, I have done work placements at Toby Carvery, Age UK, Furniture Hub/Doctor Kershaw’s and Curry’s PC World. My favourite placement that I have done this year has to be Curry’s PC World, because I have developed fantastic relationships with all of the staff and the working environment is always friendly and cheerful. Toby Carvery was my least favourite placement as I found from spending a month there that hospitality work unfortunately wasn’t for me, but I was able to discuss my feelings with one of the Job Coaches and I was swiftly moved onto a different work placement that suited my needs a lot better. My best memories of this year are making my mark at Curry’s PC World and making a positive impression on both staff and customers. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Backyard Cinema experience in December last year, where we had pizza and watched the popular Christmas film “Elf”. I am happy to report that through working on the Curry’s placement for the year the staff have admired my work ethic and have offered me paid work which I have gladly accepted.”

Jake Kelsall

“My name is Jake and I am at Future Finders College. I was on placement at The Range from October to December 2022. On January 5th 2023, they offered me a part time role because of how dedicated I was during the placement hours. I am still currently working right now and still enjoying my time meeting new people, communicating well with my colleagues and making sure the shop conditions are clean. I have also been keeping up with my employability work to make sure it is all completed. My favourite memory this year is being offered a job role at The Range. The reason why this is important to me is because it’s my first ever paid job and I’m happy to be part of this company. My next step in the future now are carrying on with my job and also learning new skills.”

Tyler Berry

“Hi, my name is Tyler Berry. This year I have been on a placement at Brewers Fayre as a kitchen assistant. I have been in the kitchen helping do the cooking, chopping, washing up and reading orders. I also check what customers need and make up the desserts. I have been doing English with Chloe, Maths with Martin, EHCP with Rizwana and I have been doing Employability with Mike and Colin. I recently went on holiday to Chicago with Activ8. We had an amazing time! We played different sports like soccer, American football and baseball. I have had amazing time at New Bridge and Future Finders College. I would recommend anyone to go there because it helps you get a job and helps you to get your Maths and English qualifications. When I leave I want to be a chef and open my own café. Thank you all for always helping me and supporting me.”

William Benyon

“My name is William Benyon and I am on the Future Finders pathway. This year I have worked hard in Maths, English, EHCP and Employability. I have worked on placement at Toby Carvery for 6 months and learnt lots of new skills. I managed to get a job in Smokies working in the kitchen. I loved going to see ‘Elf’ at the Backyard Cinema. I enjoyed teasing the United fans when City won the treble and watching the England game in college. I loved coming in every day to talk about rock music with Mike. I hope to get more hours in Smokies to gain even more skills and earn enough money to go to Download Festival next year.”

Grace Meadham

“My name is Grace and I’m in Future Finders. I have been helping out in three care homes in Grotton, Oldham and Royton. When I am on placement I have been talking to the residents, doing different things like cleaning tables after lunch and working in the shop. I also help to put the decorations up at celebration times throughout the year which is a lot of fun! The best memories I have had at New Bridge are going to see the movie ‘Elf’ at Backyard Cinema in Manchester and spending time with my classmates and having fun. When I leave College, I’m going to volunteer at two of the care homes. I will be doing a lot of the same things I do now and I will socialise with the residents. I am also setting up a book club where people can come down and swap books, have a cup of tea and a chat. I am really looking forward to doing this when I leave.”


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