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Future Finders Blog – 9.12.22

Student Council Update

With the Winter Break approaching, it was time to put our heads together and discuss all things NBC for the final time this year! Time certainly flies!

On Monday 5th December 2022, we had our big end of term student council meeting. Our special guests included Mrs Nelson, Allison Matthews and Cathy Williams. The meeting was chaired by Mrs Sarwar, who is our Student Council Lead at our New Bridge College site.

All agreed that this week’s meeting was one of the most productive we’ve had so far! Mrs. Sarwar kicked things off, before passing the meeting on to our President Waj and Vice-President Ciara!

The President and Vice-President gave excellent, uplifting speeches about how they’ve been getting on with their roles and responsibilities. The stage was now set for Oliver and Vincent, our Digit4ll pathway student reps!

The Digi pair showcased their amazing video presentation about the student council’s weekly meetings and student experiences. The presentation was excellent and enjoyed by everyone. It really embodied their personalities and emphasised the hard work that our young people have put into their individual roles Lewis. Dylan and Sophie, our student reps from the Pre-Intern pathway, shared the findings from a survey they conducted, based on the actions from the student council dashboard. Peter, our Future Finders rep, produced a fantastic article (to be featured in the NBC Autumn Newsletter) about the Student Council! He did an excellent job!

All the students did a fantastic job in carrying out their roles and responsibilities and we are looking forward to watching everyone develop and enhance their roles, both as a team and individuals.

Furthermore, we were very lucky to have been joined via Teams by Greg Sanderson, who is the founder of Smarts School Council. Our students, staff and visitors were very pleased to meet Greg virtually! One of the first things he noticed was the box of roses on the table that were being enjoyed by everyone!

Greg spoke a little about his role and was very interested in the roles of the students. Greg really enjoyed speaking and interacting with the students. Also, Greg was intrigued to hear how everyone had found the student council. Waj and Ciara had some questions, about the student council, that Greg will find out some more information about. The questions Waj and Ciara asked were:

Waj’s question – “Can questions be more age appropriate?”

Ciara’s question – “Will there be a bank of questions for KS5?”

Greg thanked students for their feedback and will get back to us with answers. Additionally, we are hoping Greg comes to visit us on site in the summer term. Greg said he’ll only come if Mrs Sarwar leaves him a tub of chocolate Roses! 

To finish off the successful meeting, the student council reps, staff and visitors were all given Christmas treats from the College student council.

Lastly, we will leave you with some quotes from the meeting.

“I just want to say how much I enjoyed the Student Council meeting yesterday. The students clearly take their roles very seriously. They have all worked hard and cooperated to get things done.” – Cathy Williams

“I am so proud of al the students for working so hard this term with the student council. Without them there would be no council and they make my job that much easier.”– Rizwana Sarwar

I enjoyed reading answers and actions by NBC “I’m not just saying it but New Bridge College is one of my favourite provisions.” – Greg Sanderson




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