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23rd September 2022


This week at Future Finders and BTG we have attended the ‘Get Oldham Working’ jobs fair. This is a great opportunity for our students to gain knowledge and understanding about various employers in the Oldham area. I want to hand over the blog this week to our amazing students…

“I enjoyed the job fair today as it gave me ideas for possible jobs to apply for and also jobs that may not be suitable for me. I spoke to a group of people advertising a job at Smokies in Oldham and I took an application form to fill in, as I think that may be a decent job for me due to having some experience in hospitality.” Peter

“I really liked the job fair because you can get more advice about jobs you might want to do. I saw the police, firefighters, McDonald’s and they all gave me a lot of good advice on what they do and how I could join. The job fair was at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Before I went there I didn’t fully know what I wanted to do and now I’ve got loads to think about.” Josh

“We went to Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham to look at the jobs fair. The people who were there on the day offered to show and tell us information. When we arrived, I was amazed to see how busy it was and I thought some of the jobs were quite interesting to look at. We spoke to an NHS worker who told us all about the codes for the illnesses which I never knew about and he showed us a book with every single illness there is. I thought “wow, every single illness put in a book”. I was also interested in team programming where you do work experience and you can gain new qualifications, so I decided to add my details. There were a few fairs that I wasn’t interested in but I still asked them for information.” – Danny

“The job fair was good. I found outsome interesting things, I spoke to MAHDLO, Joe Gym, McDonald’s, TranspennineExpress and a lot more. I would like to go back andfind out a bit moreand you can get free stuff, meet interesting people and get a job.”Tyler

“The job fair was very interesting, there were many opportunities to look at jobsfrom Oldham college, PCB installation, McDonald’s, NHS and many more. While walking around, I was stunned by how many people were there looking and was fascinated by the many job roles that were available.”Jake

“We decided to go to a job fair in Elizabeth Hall in Oldham and I really enjoyed our time there because of the number of interesting opportunities available to either learn about or to apply for. I liked the fact that it was something different from our usual day and being able to get some freebies like sweets, bottles and bags.Remember, skip the application forms and grab the snacks and go! Only joking!”Kai

“Today I went to Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham. I thought it was awesome talking to all the people. I went to see the Firefighters,Prince’sTrust’, Age UK and so much more. It gave me so many ideas about what to do in the future. My favourite freebies were the keyrings and sweets!” Grace

“The place I went to is the job fair at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham.The job fair was good to see and there were different jobs on offer. I spoke to lots of interestingpeople who gave me information about different jobs.I enjoyed it alot.” William

“I went with a group of students and 5 teachersto Oldham Q.E hall. There was a job fair going on and we were looking for different types of jobs that we could go and ask a few questions about. It was busy and interesting going around to each of the booths. I accidentally bumped in to the Mayor and I politely said “Hi I hope you have great day.” They replied “thank you. I hope you find a job here.”Suhan

“Today I went to the job fair at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham Town. We spent approximately 1.5 hours there. I found the job fair a good opportunity for me to get a job.I loved all the jobs stalls, seeing each and every company promoting their business to us the students of Future Finders and BTG. I spoke to Transpennine Express, Oldham college, NHS-NCA (Northern Care Alliance), MAHDLO Oldham and many more.” – Shaun

We hope you have a great weekend! Future Finders & BTG.


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