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Head of College Update


As we now reach the end of another, what we might euphemistically call, a very much undulating and challenging academic year, we can take the opportunity to look forward to what the Summer break may bring. Over the next few weeks, I really do hope that you find some time for yourself, lighten your loads, have a substantial rest and simply just enjoy… your break is very well deserved and undoubtably earned.

The end of the academic year can push us into flashes of reflection. For some of you, this may well bring to mind some of the challenges and difficulties you have faced and overcome. From time to time, nothing spoken will change our recent history. Yet, I do feel that it is imperative that we do not lose what we have learned during these times, about ourselves, our College and the people around us. For some of you, those reflections will ooze positivity, success, smiles and happy memories. From my lens, your compassion, generosity of spirit, strong work ethos and culture of success are strong factors behind these. Consequently, as a member of the Future Finders College family and community, I am tremendously proud and humbled to be surrounded by this.

I wish to praise all students on their many successful achievements this academic year… an enormous thank you and a huge well done! In addition, I want to express my gratitude to our talented Future Finders staff family and the Directors for your ongoing commitment and dedication. Likewise, I wish to thank all stakeholders, parents, carers and families for your continuing support.

I look forward to what the future holds for students at the College. The last thing left for me to say is that I really do hope you all have a very wonderful, enjoyable and safe Summer break.

A Glitzy and Glamorous Night to Remember!

The evening of Friday 15th July saw students and their families and staff from New Bridge College, New Bridge Learning Centre and Future Finders Employability College celebrate at New Bridge Post-16’s ‘Glitz and Glam’ end of year prom. This wonderful event was a joyous time of celebration, not only for what our students have achieved but to bookmark the end of one era and the start of another.

The night started with a red-carpet arrival and a chance to meet friends.

It certainly did not take long for the dance floor to fill up and for students and staff alike to show off their best moves!

College’s Leavers 2022

Finally, we would like to wish all of our Future Finders College leavers a ‘Happy Farewell’.

We want to thank you for being amazing students, the commitment you showed throughout your time at Future Finders College is unimaginable… undoubtedly, this dedication will take you on a new height in life. Thank you for all of the wonderful moments that you have blessed us with.

Zulaika Ali


“Zulaika has been a pleasure to coach this year. She has shown a willingness to work, a dedication to learning new skills and a fantastic creativity when designing posters, writing short stories and drawing some charming art work. Well done, Zulaika. Keep up the writing.” – Future Finders Staff

I have worked at Oldham Library and have really enjoyed it.  I am going to carry on working there as a volunteer. I would like to thank Martin and Chloe for helping me with my Maths and English. I would also like to thank all the staff in Future Finders for helping me with everything this year.” – Zulaika


Jordan Coupe


“Jordan settled in well to Future Finders,  completed all his work and showed high levels of commitment to finding himself a new path. Jordan has a wide range of interests and likes to express his opinions; he can create fantastic debates whilst in class. Jordan did wonderfully well to get a Kickstart position at Northern Roots and has been doing a great job learning about landscape management and providing future generations of Oldhamers with a safe and beautiful outdoor space that they can be proud of. Well done, Jordan. Be the Pistol Star!” – Future Finders Staff


Grace Meadham


“It has been amazing to see Grace develop on Future Finders this year; the way her confidence in her own abilities has grown has been fantastic. Grace has kept us smiling this year with her ability to make terrible jokes seem funny. She has embraced each new challenge with a positive attitude and a huge smile on her face. Well done, Aunty Grace!” – Future Finders Staff


“I have worked at Oldham Library and am now at AGE UK in Bury. I love it.  It’s lots of fun and the people are fantastic to work with. At college I’m doing Maths with Mr Holland and English with Chloe. They are not bad classes. I really enjoy being in Future Finders and I love the teachers. They are the best.” – Grace

Summer Barnes


“Summer has worked hard this year to get the most from Future Finders. She has shown excellent customer care skills when out on placement and displayed a wonderfully creative aptitude when working on projects. She is popular with all the other students, frequently showing a caring and supportive manner. Well done, Summer.  Make it a shiny future!” – Future Finders Staff

Along the way I’ve become very fond of my peers and the staff who have helped me get through my placements at the Library, RSPCA and Guinness Partnership. I would like to thank Laura, Chloe and Martin for helping with Maths and English. I’ve loved being in Future Finders as it’s given me a chance to see what my future could be.  A big thanks to Anne-Marie, Maria, Mike and Donna for helping me this year.’ – Summer


Peter Graham


“It has been a joy having Peter at David Lloyd. He settled in very well straight away and worked well with the staff team. Peter is always willing to work hard and he will also undertake any task in an efficient manner. Peter has matured well and I wish him all the best for the future.” – David Lloyd Staff


“Peter always works hard and is willing to try and learn any new task that crops up. He is efficient and will stay on task until it is complete.” – Future Finders Staff


Lewis Heywood


Lewis has shown a fantastic ability to set goals and work hard to achieve them.  He is always positive and encouraging to other students during group activities and class projects.  His maturity and the calming influence he has on everyone he works alongside has made him a great many friends. He has been a total joy to support this year. Well done Lew-Lew and the best of luck in the future.” – Future Finders Staff


I have enjoyed this year because I have learnt new skills and met a lot of people.  I have enjoyed my placements a lot and learnt lots of new stuff.  I am going to miss the people in college.  They have helped me to become a better person and have helped me through a hard time. I will miss Little Mike, Big Mike and MR L so much more. I want to say thank you for helping me on my journey everyone.”– Lewis


Abigail Coulbeck


“Abigail has done really well in Future Finders this year. She has completed placements at Oldham Library and at a local school, where she worked hard to learn the new skills which will help her be successful in the future. Great work, Abigail.  Wishing you all the best as you move onwards and upwards.” – Future Finders Staff


“Thank you to all the staff that have helped me through the years at New Bridge. I have enjoyed being in Future Finders and going out on placement. It has given me skills and opportunity. Thanks for everything.” – Abigail


Joshua Hope


“Josh has been a trooper this year. He has really got stuck into the work at his placements.  He has shown his green fingers at the park and his sense of humour has got him through some typical Oldham weather. He has done a great job facing up to and overcoming some big challenges. Well done, Josh! Good luck for the future!” – Future Finders Staff

I have been on Future Finders this year and have been out on placements at Guinness, David Lloyd and Lees Park. I have enjoyed working hard and learning new things. Thanks to all the staff who have helped.” – Joshua


Nathan Rodgers


“He worked hard on his placement at Oldham Library, showing good customer care skills and building friendships with the staff. He has also developed his love of reading and has enjoyed regular story reading sessions at the library. Believe in yourself.” – Future Finders Staff


“I have learnt how to work in Oldham Library and the staff there helped a lot. I like reading books like Sea Quest or Harry Potter and have got better with my reading. Thanks to Anne-Marie, Maria, Mike, Donna and Lynton for helping me this year.” – Nathan


Danielle Kelsall


Danielle has been an absolute pleasure and a delight to work with this year. She is so optimistic and has become more confident as the weeks have passed. She is often the first to offer her help to other students (and staff) with any IT problems and is always positive and encouraging to others. Well done Danielle and have a great summer.” – Future Finders Staff


I have done work in Clean Plate Kitchen, Age UK and Oldham Local Studies Library. I would like to thank all the teachers that have helped through the year with all my work. I have really enjoyed my time at Future Finders and am thankful to my job coaches for preparing me for the future.” – Danielle


Josephine Sedgewick


Josie has been amazing this year and has managed all her different placements with a smile on her face. Her confidence in her own abilities has grown and she has made lots of friends both in college and when on placement with her cheery outlook and positive attitude. Good luck in the future Josie.” – Future Finders Staff


My memories of Future Finders are trying to find new placements in different areas, enjoying the lessons and doing quizzes on Kahoot! in the classroom. I would like to say thank you to Martin, Chloe and the job coaches for their help, support, kindness and kind words to me over the past months and helping me with my education. Big thanks to Anne-Marie, Maria, Mike, Donna, Tish, Nicola and Hayley for their support with all my work.” – Josephine


JoJo Williams


JoJo has smashed it this year. It has been a pleasure to see his enthusiasm, energy and hard work shine through.  He has been a good friend and positive role model to the whole group.  His willingness to try and learn new things has shown a great maturity and his work ethic on placement has been exemplary. You should be so proud of yourself, Jojo. Best of luck in the future.” – Future Finders Staff



It was good doing placements that got me out of college. YES! I learned a lot from TXL and Freedom Fire with the help of Big T, Little T, Wayne, Billy, Slat, Jason and Will. Everyone says I’ve matured over the years from Year 7 to Future Finders. I enjoyed the Activ8 days with Mr Lawrence, Mr Hickey, Mr Greenway, Mike and Mr Thornton. My best mate Lewis has always been there through thick and thin. I have enjoyed Future Finders because all the teachers are great and they will try and help you if you listen.  They are trying to think of your best interests.” – JoJo


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