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Future Finders College Update – 1.7.22

During the last few weeks, here at Future Finders, we have all been attending placements – continually building on those key employability skills that all employers will be looking for.

We have been lucky with placements this year and have enjoyed watching our learners grow in confidence, learn those skills, build their independence and for some, secure long term positions with the companies they have been with on work placements.

In addition to this, we got to spend some time with Danielle who has been working at the local studies library completely independently, so we nipped over to see what she has been up to and it is fascinating work that Danielle clearly enjoys.

So, I will hand over to Danielle to give a brief overview of what she has been doing.

For the last few weeks Danielle has been transcribing micro fiche on to the computer data base. They hold information about houses and planning permission forms from the year 1975. The process Danielle takes is to take one from the left-hand box, input the information onto a pre prepared spread sheet and then place the original in the box on the right-hand side of her.

These pictures show Danielle doing some research of her own. She wanted to find out about the area her Nan lives. The staff here found the place on Google so we could look at it in real time, then we went back to 1898 and found that it was farms around that area. After looking at several maps from this period through to the 1950’s, we discovered that her Nan’s house was built around 1938. Danielle found it remarkably interesting looking at how the area had developed over this time from nothing but farms to a busy housing estate.

The final piece of work Danielle wanted to show you was the paper articles that she is transcribing. She chooses the book she has been working on, turns to the bookmarked place and puts it on the pillow to protect it. She then copies this word for word onto the computer. During her time on placement, she has done about 5 of these articles finishing the one pictured today.

To any employer that is reading this, if you could offer even one of our learners an opportunity to experience real life working environments or even have a potential job opportunity, WE WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU and we have students coming to us in September, that are ready and willing to learn and looking for new and exciting opportunities!

Please get in touch with either Maria Statham

(Work Placement Coordinator)



Anne-Marie Thompson

(Senior Lead Employability)


…or you can call us on the college number 0161 518 7155 and we can arrange a meeting to answer any questions that you may have.

All students, where appropriate and who have been ready, have been sitting a variety of assessments over the last few weeks for their Maths and English session. For those that have sat the assessments, we will find out in due course how they have all got on – so fingers crossed for all of you!

Employability – We have been finishing off those final bits on our portfolios towards our Employability Qualifications – from answering those final questions, to dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s.

You should all be so proud of yourselves and what you have achieved in the last few weeks and, as a treat, we have a few activities planned to celebrate your learning, your accomplishments, finalise your on-going destinations and as ever, celebrate such a talented group for the Future Finders Employability College.

Upcoming Future Finders Events

Dates for your Diaries…

Over the past few days you will have been receiving letters via Parent App about upcoming events, so here is just a reminder for you.

Future Finders End of Year Outings

Monday 11th July – Junkyard Golf (Manchester), dinner then more Junkyard Golf. 


Tuesday 12th July – Cheshire Segway – This is an outdoor event.


Thursday 14th July – Cheshire Boat Ride and Afternoon Tea

We know that you will have a few questions about all these activities, so I will try and answer as many I can here…

Cost – There will be NO cost to the student or yourselves for the activities.

Travel – Manchester Trips we will be going on the tram – Please make sure they all have their Travel Passes or money for a tram which we will purchase at the stations.

For Cheshire we will be arranging coaches/minibuses – Leaving from and returning to College site.

Times – We are just trying to finalise all the details around timing. There is a possibility that some of the outings will run past the usual end time for the college day, but as soon as all the booking is done and everything is confirmed, we will get that information out to you.

Dinners – These are being provided by the events that we are going to – So unless your young person would like to still bring their own packed lunch, everything is available.

Dress – Dress appropriately for the weather.

Dress – Bowling – Please make sure that you wear trainers.

Upcoming Whole College Events

Wednesday 13th July – Record of Achievement Day – This will be held down at New Bridge School Site. There will be an additional letter sent out to you with more details on about this event.

Friday 15th July – End of Year Prom – To be held at St. Anne’s Rugby Club. Again, an additional letter will be out to you with more information about this event.

It is certainly going to be a very busy and eventful few weeks!

Have a fantastic and restful weekend everyone!

The Future Finders Team


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