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A Day in the Life of Zulaika…

The Future Finders students go from strength to strength each week and the staff team have encouraged what we know our students are more than capable of.

Alongside the support that we offer students, it is also our working relationships that we have to continually build on, to ensure that placements are maintained and continue to offer opportunities to our students, but at the same time, we cannot help but look for more exciting opportunities for our students to access.

This can be anything from office work to warehouse to hospitality, to hair and beauty.

If you could offer even one of our learners an opportunity of experiencing real life working environments or if you have a potential job opportunity, WE WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU and we have students ready and willing to learn! 

Please contact either Maria Statham

(Work Placement Coordinator)


or Anne-Marie Thompson

(Senior Job Coach)


Alternatively, you can call us on the college number

0161 518 7155

and we can arrange a meeting to answer any questions that you may have.

Now the hard sell is over, we will move on to this week’s ‘Day in the Life of…’ which is brought to you by Zulaika, who is on placement at the Oldham Library.

We have worked with Oldham Library for a few years now and have had a couple of successful outcomes for some of our students in the past.

Some of you may remember Sam – He still volunteers at the library, and then we have Terry, who gained a traineeship with the library, which then led to full time paid employment.

When it came to placing Zulaika, who had come to us from the Digi4all pathway, and this being her first experience of work placements, we placed Zulaika where we knew she would get the supportive environment she needed to improve on her communication with the public and secure the skills she already had working on the Digi pathway.

So again, before I hand over to Zulaika to give you more of an insight into her daily routine, this is just a quick thank you to Patrick (Volunteer Manager) at Oldham Library and all the staff team for their on-going support and the opportunities that you continue to provide our students.

Zulaika I will hand over to you…

A day in the life of Zulaika – Oldham Library

“First, I walk from college over to the library. Once I arrive, I check into the library and sign in the staff logbook for Health and Safety reasons.

I head to the staff room where we leave our bags and coats.

I already have a list of jobs that we do on a daily basis, but there are sometimes new tasks that I have to complete, these are around health, safety, and hygiene. The first task I start with is to clean the desks and computers so that they are safe for the public to use. I then check the windows in case there has been a leak during the night.

Once the health and safety tasks are completed, we move on to the organising the book displays that the library have to encourage people to pick up the books and read.

I spend time revising and checking the shelves, keeping all areas neat and tidy, keeping the children and teenager sections tidy and ready to be used at all times.

Another one of my roles is helping people to issue and return their books and assist with any queries that they may have.

During my time at the library, I have worked hard, and the library staff gave me an opportunity to work on the Reference desk dealing with enquiries and help customers with their IT problems.

I even help to search for books on the online library catalogue.

At the end of a busy shift, I sign out and then return to college after working hard all day. The different jobs that I carry out, the people that I work with and the people that I meet, are what has helped me to make the decision to want to work at the library on a more permanent basis. I am looking forward to starting off as a volunteer, as there is still so much more I have to learn…. I cannot wait!”

Well done, Zulaika, and congratulations on securing your new position at the library! Next week’s ‘Day in the Life’ will be all about Grace, who is based at Age UK in Bury. Grace has come a long way in such a short period of time, her confidence and ability to talk to anyone is amazing and something that we have not had to work on, it is just around those key employability skills that you need to gain employment…

…but I will leave that up to Grace to tell you all about next week.

Another productive and wonderful week here at Future Finders College, please do enjoy whatever you have got planned for the weekend.


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