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One Kind Word…

Future Finders are always busy, we never seem to stop, from placements, to Maths, English, Employability, we just keep going……..So yesterday afternoon, we decided to slow it down just a little bit.

This week is anti-bullying week, and bullying can affect anyone, so we spent the afternoon listing ‘One Kind Word’ about each other. The students loved this activity, they were relaxed, thoughtful and full of praise for their peers and the staff.

At the end of the session, we read out what other people had written about them and it was great to see the students listening and walking out the door with pride and a positive attitude to the weekend.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind – you never know what problems people are facing and ‘one kind word’ can make a lot of difference to someone!

Focus on Jordan

Jordan has been on placement at the Northern Roots project for 2 weeks now and is enjoying it very much. He arrives at 10am and along with his work colleagues and the manager they collect their Hi Viz jackets and hard hats from the cabin and set off onto the site. Jordan writes a diary each day of the activities that have taken place, the tools they have used and the area they worked in. Here are some snippets from his diary so far.

“The first day was an introduction to the area, 160 acres of it! We took a very informative tour and Alan told us about the plans for the future including vegetable plots, new habitats, visitors centre, education centre and more. I’m here on placement but I will soon be on the Kickstart programme when I will get paid to work in landscaping, I am excited for this adventure.

We have set about clearing parts of the woodland area building habitats for wildlife, we used various tools to remove trees and branches to create an entrance. As the week has gone by it has become evident that the area is looking much more open and welcoming and we have created neat piles of cut off branches to use in other areas, think of it as renovation.”

As you can see, Jordan is really enjoying his placement and looking forward to becoming employed, more diary snippets to follow.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Rebeckah and the FFS Team


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