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Working Hard at Future Finders!

We have all been working hard at FFS this week…

Oldham Library Update – Diane Needham and Mike McCormack

Another successful week for the students at Oldham Library.

Tayla, Summer, Nathan, Grace and Zulaika have shown they are now able to work independently. On arrival students sign in, collect their badge and engage with the staff on reception.

During the morning we discussed timekeeping, working with others, being a team leader and being part of a team. We all voted as to who would be team leader for the day and Grace was nominated.

We started our day in the children’s section, sorting books, cleaning desks, worktops and computers. They all had a taster session on the Dewey system and how the books are managed and arranged. Summer, Zulaika, Tayla and Grace managed to go through a small number of books and put these in the correct numerical order. We also spoke about working with the public and how to be appropriate and polite.

Grace really enjoyed the role of team leader, she was fairly confident on giving instructions on what needed doing for the day. All the students supported her and carried out the tasks.

Nathan spent time with Hannah,one of the library assistants, who showed him the computer/software they use for the children’s section.

Tayla and Summer worked on re-stamping and inputting new front sheets on library books. 

Zulaika worked really well this week, she just gets on with it, very independent, becoming more confident and knows what her role is.

During the afternoon we spoke about how everyone felt about having a team leader and they are all really enthusiastic for next week’s nominations and who will carry out the new role.

The students have excelled this week and staff are also complimenting them on how well they are doing. It’s been an amazing week.

Grace you did a great job, everyone enjoyed being part of the team.

Well done, everyone.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


Rebeckah and the FFS Team


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