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Another productive and busy week at Future Finders.

We ended this week with an assembly for all our Year 14 students – this was a mix of our current Year 14s on pathways and those who are on the Bridging the Gap route. Daniel spoke to them about what the Future Finders course entails and what the students could potentially get out of the course. We gave a couple more applications for some who were not sure at the start.

Now let’s have a closer look at one of our current Future Finders students..

A week in the life of Matthew
Clean Plate Kitchen & The Guinness Partnership

Since the start of the term, I have been accessing 2 placements – The Guinness Partnership in the café, which is the new placement for me this term, and also the Clean Plate Kitchen, which I attended last term. I really enjoy it there and I have learnt so much that they said I could stay on for another term.

My working weeks starts at Guinness – I make my own way there and get straight to it. I work alongside Lotfi (the Café Manager), Julie and another Future Finders student, Jason.

We complete all sorts of different jobs, from stocking the vending machines, making sure we have products to sell, preparing for the trolley run, cleaning up and serving customers.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I head back over to Clean Plate Kitchen, independently, where I spend my working days alongside Colette and Kirsty, doing lots of other jobs.

I am loving it here. I help out in the kitchen, keeping it clean and tidy, serving customers and I have been making the brews!

Now that has been one busy week, time to get home, have a well-earned rest and be work ready next week. See you all after half term!!!

Now our job coach Diane has more news of our students for us..

Another busy and eventful week at Medtia with our Future Finders. Once again, I am delighted to give you further details of how our students are getting on with their numerous roles and responsibilities. I have to say how well they adapt to change and are always willing and enthusiastic to try out new placements and even, for some of our students, more than one placement in the week. Let’s crack on with Lewis’ busy schedule..

  • Lewis ~ My working week starts with Monday at New Bridge – Teaching Assistant support with Year 9. This week, as part of their transition process, I gave a presentation and talked about all the aspects of my journey from New Bridge with ICT Enterprise, followed by Medtia and my pre-internships. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I travel to Manchester and work in the ICT Engineering section at the university in a small office with guess who, former student Kyle C., and three other staff. I really do enjoy this side of the job. I also go around the university, checking everything is ok i.e. sockets, pc related issues and I have created a spreadsheet of the tasks involved. Kyle is very supportive and helps me, but most of the time he is very busy. Thursday I am back at Medtia to continue with English and Maths. I am looking for an IT apprenticeship and Genna our job coach is helping us to look for jobs in Oldham and Manchester. I am really enjoying the various roles and meeting some great people along the way. It’s hard work but rewarding.
  • Matthew ~ For the last couple of weeks, I have been training (Barista), and I am now fully trained to use the coffee machine, which is quite tricky, but I do make a great coffee. I am also improving my customer service and waiter skills. I am getting to know the regular customers who keep returning week after week. Must be the great coffee I serve! I also go to Guinness every Monday and again, I apply all my skills in this café. It’s a really busy place, keeping the vending machines full and serving all the customers. All in a day’s work. Finally, I am back at Medtia on Thursday for a little light work of English and Maths.
  • Joshua ~ Joshua has done very well during his work placement at David Lloyd, Manchester North. He has done so well that he will be moving on to David Lloyd Club in Cheadle after half term. He has accepted the news that he will be moving on to try a new placement “Same place just different staff”. Josh has excelled on the pot washing and developed a good cleaning routine. “I really like working in the restaurant and looking forward to meeting new staff and new people.” Josh is showing great potential, polite and always willing to try new things, he listens intently when he is shown a new task and gets on with the work independently.
  • Fahad ~ This week has been busy, I have been in the basement at the library with Chris doing the book bags and taping boxes up, this is one of those jobs that is hard graft but relaxing at the same time. I have also been on adult revision, non-fiction, sorting books, equalising, keeping the children’s library books in order. One of my main duties each day is the customer service desk, taking logs of customers using the computers as well as customer support. I also help a lot of customers with photocopying, using the printing machines and keeping the library tidy.
  • Jason ~ I have been really busy this week. I arrive at 9.30 and before I start Julie always make me toast and a brew. Then we start with the breakfast – I have never seen so much toast and butter made in 2 hours! I love working on the till and serving the customers, using the iPad and taking payments. I am getting a lot more confident and communicating with staff and customers, I know I have said this in the past, but I really do like working with Julie, she is kind and supportive. I have also started doing the trolley run and again there are so many people who want snacks. When I return after half term, we will have the new café up and running, can’t wait to see the brand-new café and meet the new staff who will be working with us.
  • Reece ~ Reece is continuing with independent travel, always on time. Reece is becoming a lot more confident, he attends team meetings. On this occasion Reece stood up in the meeting and discussed issues with all the staff present. One of Reece’s attributes is talking about computers and programming, this is where he really shines and knows his stuff.
  • Liam ~ Over the past few weeks Liam has worked hard in the Atrium, he has helped to replenish the stock and has been working on his communication and team working skills with his peers. Liam has been learning to use the barista machine and is quite the expert at making a cappuccino. He enjoys baking, serving, keeping the café clean and tidy. Staff are really pleased with his work ethos.
  • Luka and Dominic ~ We have begun applying for jobs and apprenticeships together in Oldham and Manchester! Dom is looking at warehouse and manual labour work and Luka is wanting an apprenticeship in food and beverage. So, the boys are really busy! They are looking forward to going to Salou later in the year, but first there is a lot of work to do!! They are all thrilled by the extra homework they have been given on a Friday to look for work!! We will keep you posted how all the lads get on with their job hunting! Have a lovely half term everyone!’

Wishing everyone a great half term, well done and see you after the hols!!! Diane

Have a lovely break over half term,

Head of College

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