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There’s a very Christmassy feel to college this week as we get ourselves ready for the festive break. On Monday I had the pleasure of leading the College Council meeting. We discussed some of the elements that came up in the last meeting and continued to discuss in the open forum what is working well and what changes need to happen. It was great to hear how everyone is getting on. Matthew was able to share with the group how well his work placement at the Clean Plate Kitchen has been going and that all the work will help in finding him the best workplace. On Tuesday the Future Finders staff team will be meeting to look at future placements for all the students.

Let’s see what else has been happening this week..

Since joining Future Finders this term, I have to say a big thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome, what a great bunch of students I have the pleasure of supporting. I cannot praise them enough for their contributions and commitment to achieving their goals this term.

As we approach Christmas, some of our students will be coming to the end of their placement and moving forward into new placements in the New Year. Over to the students and what they have been up to this week..

  • Lewis attends a teaching assistant placement at New Bridge School on Mondays and this week he supported students to revise for their E-Safety test in order to earn their E-Safety badge. Lewis also contributed to helping with the class display which shows students using their iPads in lesson. Once again, Lewis is showing exceptional skills in his role, he always supports the students in a calm and caring manner. Well done Lewis.

  • Matthew is continuing to build relationships with the staff, he is hard working and improving his skills in customer support. The staff at the Clean Plate Kitchen really enjoy his company, the contribution he makes and his willingness to learn. Once again Matthew, thank you this term for all your hard work and help.

  • I am really impressed with Liam this week, he has been very busy at the library – he has completed his CV, finished his Fire Safety paperwork and is able to work independently on the Customer Support desk. Liam is improving his communication skills with staff and he is also responsible for keeping the tourist information leaflet display well stocked and in the correct order.

  • Fahad is proving to be a real asset around the library, he will spot a customer a mile off and is there straight away to help out. Fahad never stops, he can turn his hand to all the roles and is always happy to help. Fahad has also worked on his CV and completed the Fire Safety training in the library with Chris.

  • Hope everything goes well this week Fahad, we missed you on Wednesday.

  • Joshua you are quietly confident in your placement, you absolutely smashed it in your online typing club achievement and online basics. Josh needs very little support whilst on placement and goes about his duties on time, he knows his timetable inside out. I would also like to commend you Joshua on working independently this week and completing your CV and Fire Safety paperwork.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone at Medtia and Future Finders, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Diane Needham, Pastoral/Job Coach Future Finders

Now we go to this week’s ‘Day in the Life’ following Jason, who is doing an excellent job down at the Guinness Partnership..

A day in the life of Jason
The Guinness Partnership, Hollinwood

I arrive every day to placement nice and early after travelling independently. I sign in at the front desk and get my badge. From there I head up in the lift to floor 3 where our temporary pop up café is. I take off my coat and put on my apron.

Once I have done that I can make a start on my daily tasks – these range from serving customers..

..to restocking the shelves..

..keeping the vending machines full..

..and working as part of a team..

When the dinners arrive, I have to put the dates on them using the dating gun and then put them into the fridge ready for sale..

On top of all of this, I have to make sure we keep everywhere clean and tidy!

I have also begun collecting evidence for my Health and Safety Unit that I will begin after Christmas. I have been using my iPad, going around the building looking for Health and Safety signs and equipment that can be used..

That is just my morning! Now time for dinner and I will be back to it soon!! I am going to go and sit with Anne-Marie and go through my targets. See you all back at Medtia soon!

Now over to our job coach Genna down at MMU who has an update for us on Dominic..

Hi my name is Dominic and I am working down at Manchester Metropolitan University within the facilities team! This is not my uniform (although I wish it was!) – I was dressed to impress today as I had a 2 hour interview at Oldham Training Centre as I would like a paid apprenticeship within warehousing..

First I had to fill in a form about why I have applied for the job and what skills I can bring to the role. Luckily I have covered this in my employability lesson so I knew what to write!

Then we had a tour of the workshop which was really interesting. I focused on my body language and looking professional at all times.

And then finally a 1 hour test to see if I am suitable for an apprenticeship! That was a long interview but I am proud of myself and the day before my birthday, so now I can celebrate!!

Well, nearly time to celebrate! Just a little afternoon’s work to complete first back down in Manchester. Here I am with Paul who is my manager in Facilities. Lots of heavy things to move and carry, luckily I have completed my manual handling!!

And that is my placement finished for the year! Thank you to everyone who has supported me this term, I look forward to coming back in January! Happy Christmas everyone!! Dominic @MMU

Next week, we have some great things planned. We are all off to the Atrium to have our Christmas dinner on Wednesday and on Thursday we are all heading to the Pantomime in the afternoon at Oldham library. Lots of fun Christmas activities to look forward to!

I am taking my little boy to visit Father Christmas this Saturday – let’s hope he isn’t scared of him.

Have a lovely weekend,

Head of College

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