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Well, we are just a few weeks in to the term with our new recruits in Future Finders and all the students have now settled in and are doing brilliantly on their placements. Future Finders is designed to support our students into the world of work, whether that be paid or voluntary, so part of our offer includes attending careers fairs and employer events. This week, our students visited a huge careers fair at The Queen Elizabeth Hall where they found out about many different occupations, something to get them thinking about what is next for them! Next week, they are visiting a careers fair for hospitality jobs across Greater Manchester, which is targeted specifically for adults with additional needs. I am sure they will all make a brilliant first impression- fingers crossed, we could be celebrating our first job in no time!

Now over to Job Coach and placement co-ordinator Maria for an update on this week..

This week our Future Finders have been busy as usual. They were all out on work placement all over the borough.

Reece was at dsgnuk Web Design helping the crew work on menus they have created for local businesses and developing his skills in web development. As you can see, he is glued to the screen and really enjoying his placement..

Liam, Josh and Fahad are working hard in the library learning new skills every day and keeping very busy. Fahad even gained the Future Finders ‘Worker of the Week’ award for going above and beyond when helping customers with IT queries. Well done Fahad.

Here is Liam learning about the Dewey Decimal system with one of the librarians..

..and Josh on the front desk checking books for library members..

On Thursday we went to The Oldham Jobs Fair where there were lots of employers showing us different job roles and how to apply for them..

Now for closer look at Oldham Library with a ‘Day in the Life’ of Joshua..

A day in the life of Joshua
Oldham Library

My name is Joshua, I am an independent traveller and I am on my way to my work placement at Oldham Library

I like to be independent and walk on my own so I can stay focused.

I am now arriving at Oldham Library, it is only a short walk from college. I start at 10am and finish at 2.30pm.

I ask the receptionist for my work placement badge, this enables the public to know that I can help them with any queries. I also asked her what she was called, she said ‘Hi Josh my name is Cath.’

I am on my way to the staff room where I leave my bag and coat.

I eat my lunch here with the library staff, Mrs Needham, Liam and Fahad. Some days we can go on the computers and browse the internet or play a game. I have to make sure I keep the staffroom door closed.

This is the information desk. I sort out the printing jobs and the cost of each job. I also have to sort out the change when someone pays for their copies.

These are all the computers in the library, I have to make sure which ones are available and check that they have logged off, or if anyone needs help logging on.

I can also help the public with the self-service printer.

This is one of the printers. I have to make sure that people have paid for the printing and then I can let them have the copies.

This is one of the work stations where I assist the public to log on.

This is another self-service machine to return books or get new books from the library.

After our lunch, I put the books back in order. This could be fiction, non-fiction, Urdu or general books put back on the shelves – it is quite difficult, I need to check the numbers or letters very carefully.

I am still learning but it is a good experience for the future.

On Monday we have our first Medtia student council meeting of the term. The chosen representative from Future Finders is Zanub! I am looking forward to meeting our students on Monday along with our governors Cathy and Ken to get their views on college life! I will report back in next week’s blog.

Have a wonderful (and probably very wet) weekend!

Head of College

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