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Sometimes as an organisation, we can take for granted the amount of employers locally and regionally that support our students. As part of our careers action plan, we made a conscious decision to support businesses by training their staff, so that they are fully equipped to work with our students. On Wednesday we had our first ever Employer Training Event, with a focus on ‘Autism’ and dealing with people with Autism within the workplace. Sarah Dunsdon, a teacher from Hollinwood Academy, did a fantastic presentation to delegates around Autism and myself and Mr Quinn shared our experiences of employment successes for our students.

I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in the room. We had 40 people attend from businesses across Greater Manchester, some of whom we already work with and others that we don’t. From industry sectors including construction, arts, hospitality and sports, it was great to chat with likeminded colleagues who are keen to develop opportunities for our students to move into the world of work! We are looking forward to hosting these events termly moving forward and I’d like to say a huge thank you to Maria Statham, our work place co-ordinator for co-ordinating the event along with Anna, Chantelle and the training team. Also a huge thank you to Sarah who did a truly inspirational and engaging presentation!

Now over to our staff and students for our usual weekly updates…

This week has been a busy but successful week at Future Finders. On Monday during English, the students successfully completed their Functional Skills Speaking and Listening Level 2 assessments and have all passed with flying colours. They each had to deliver a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation about themselves and the placements they attend to the class and answer any relevant questions from their peers.

In Employability the students have continued to work on their personal Healthy Lifestyles action plans. They have looked at how these can be put into action and discussed the positive impacts these will have for them.

Last but not least in Maths, our Future Finders students have continued to practice and prepare for their upcoming exams.

This has also been a productive week with new and existing employers who have attended our first Employer Engagement Event at Hollinwood Academy. We welcomed 40 people from all different organisations across Oldham including:

  • NSL Outsourcing, Oldham
  • Oldham Enterprise Trust
  • Manchester International Festival
  • RSPCA Oldham
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  • Chartered Insurance Institute
  • First Choice Homes Oldham
  • Keir Group
  • Oldham Libraries
  • Croft End Riding School
  • Oldham Council

We also have some VERY EXCITING news in the pipeline but we will be keeping you in suspense for the time being and all will be revealed next week!!

Now here is Colette to show you how well her first week at Dr Kershaw’s has gone..

A day in the of Colette
Dr Kershaw’s Hospice

My placement is in the cafe at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice. I go to volunteer in the cafe on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday over the busy lunchtime period from 11am – 2:30pm.

The first job of the day is to make sure that I have signed in. This is important so the staff know that I am present on site when I am working at the cafe.

I then go to the cafe, making sure that I wash my hands and get my apron on. I am now ready to start my day!

The first thing I do is clean over all the tables from the breakfast service in the morning – we want to make sure that all the tables look presentable ready for lunch for when the customers come in..

After we have done this, we move on to wrapping the cutlery and making sure that all of the tables have enough napkins on ready for the lunch time service..

Time for a quick break tea break before we start with serving lunches..

When it’s dinner time I help assist Deborah with making the customers the drinks they have ordered and I also help with serving their food as well..

After I have served the customers their dinners, it’s time for mine! Today I have made myself a roast beef and onion muffin!

Once the lunchtime rush is over, it’s time to tidy the cafe up. I make sure that all the tables are cleaned over and that any plates are washed and put away ready for the following day..

After that my day is complete! Time to head back to Medtia with my Job Coach for a catch up with the rest of group before the day is over!

Colette has received some really positive feedback this week! Deborah the cafe manager has commented on how well Colette has settled in and is really happy with how well she has been picking tasks up!

We can’t wait to hear further updates on how well Colette does at Dr Kershaw’s!

Next week I hope to tell you about our most recent employment success! We are just firming up the finer details!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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